Whiskey in the jar

Ukulele lernen 9 Whiskey in the jar

Ukulele lernen 9 Whiskey in the jar

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Für den Song "Whiskey in the jar" brauchen wir den Country-Rhythmus.
Obwohl der Song ein Irish-Folksong ist klingt der Rhythmus dazu sehr gut.

Anschlag Country.png

Ablauf der Strophe:

||: C | C | Am | Am |
| F | F | C | C :||

Ablauf Refrain:

||: G | G | Am | Am |
| F | F | C G | C :||

Im vorletzten Takt des Refrains befindet sich wieder ein halbtaktiger Wechsel.

Hier ist der Text:

Whiskey in the jar

C                                Am

As I was a-goin' over Gilgarra Mountain
  F                                             C

I spied Colonel Farrell, and his money he was countin'.
C                                         Am

First I drew my pistols and then I drew my rapier,

F                                               C

Sayin' "Stand and deliver, for I am your bold receiver." 


Musha ringum duram da,

Whack fol the daddy-o,

Whack fol the daddy-o,

             C             G        C

There's whiskey in the jar. 

          C                                       Am

2. He counted out his money and it made a pretty penny;
  F                                   C

I put it in my pocket to take home to darlin' Jenny.
      C                                                    Am

She sighed and swore she loved me and never would deceive me,
            F                                         C

But the devil take the women, for they always lie so easy!

3. I went into me chamber all for to take a slumber,

To dream of gold and girls, and of course it was no wonder:

Me Jenny took me charges and she filled them up with water,

Called on Colonel Farrell to get ready for the slaughter.

4. Next mornin' early, before I rose for travel,

A-came a band of footmen and likewise Colonel Farrell.

I goes to draw my pistol, for she'd stole away my rapier,

But a prisoner I was taken, I couldn't shoot the water.